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Custom Manufacturing

   The engine for growth at Royal Harvest Foods, a Springfield, Mass., poultry company, isn't simply further-processed, value-added product. It isn't even simply private label products for individual retail and foodservice accounts.
    "Custom products have accounted for all of our growth in recent years and will be our thrust in the future," says sales manager Frank McNamara.
    Most of Royal Harvest's foodservice business is mid-scale chain family restaurants. "Operators are looking for menu ideas from manufacturers because menus are changing rapidly, as are consumer tastes, not to mention the heavy competitive environment out there," McNamara says. "Both foodservice operators and retailers are seeking new products concepts or redos of existing concepts. They have both specific requests and open-ended requests for new ideas."
    "More and more retailers are leaning on any foodservice trend and going to manufacturers with that information," McNamara says. "Restaurant trends are finding their way to the retail cabinet faster than ever because consumers are spending more on away-from-home dining of all kinds, and they want the same experience, type of products and convenience."
    McNamara notes that flexibility is built into Royal Harvest's operations. "This means that we can respond in days, and handle such short runs as a field test for a new products. Also, we're so serious about quality control that we built a separate distribution center next to our processing plant so we can better control temperatures at both locations.
    Royal Harvest foods has the ability and flexibility to custom process and package breaded or marinated meat items. Whether you are a food service distributor, chain restaurant, school district or retailer, we work closely with our suppliers to meet your highly specific requirements. We would appreciate the opportunity to work for you.

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