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Wholesale Products

   Royal Harvest Foods has been in the wholesale business for over 20 years. Whether a restaurant chain, hotel chain, or school district, Royal Harvest Foods can provide the quality further processed wholesale poultry and meat products that you need.

   Stuffed Chicken Breasts for Restaurant Chains, Hotel Chains, School Districts, etc.

    RHF can provide you with the industry's highest quality, individually portioned, 8 oz stuffed chicken breasts. Royal Harvest selects only premium skin-on chicken breasts which we then hand debone. Next, we add a traditional New England-style bread stuffing to create a preportioned, stuffed chicken breast. These breasts are oven ready and, when combined with your house gravy, make an easy-to-prepare banquet signature entrČe. Stuffed chicken breasts have been a customer-proven product offered by Royal Harvest for years.

   RHF's Quality Control Team

   Royal Harvest Quality Control has contracted with Vallid Labs, an off-site certified USDA lab, to help us maintain rigid QC checks. Independently supervised, Vallid Labs works in conjunction with RH Quality Control, and other New England processors, to achieve the highest standards of incoming and furnished raw materials.

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